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73 Superpowered Avocado Smoothies- for healthy fat, potassium and fiber. Drink these to help slim down and boost your metabolism.

These avocado smoothies all incorporate one of the healthiest foods around, the avocado. With its high levels of potassium, healthy fat, and fiber it makes anything more nutritious. The smooth texture of an avocado when blended makes it a no-brainer for creating the perfect smoothie.

1. Pear Avocado Smoothie
Pear and honey provide all the sweetness you’d want in a smoothie, with avocado adding its impressive mix of fiber, potassium, and healthy fat. Together this makes for a satisfying smoothie with loads of vitamins and minerals from spinach, and low fat thanks to skim milk.

2. Avocado Cucumber Smoothie
Avocado and cucumber make a great match and work together to bring you a refreshing and wholesome smoothie. A bit of lemon juice gives it a nice tartness, while almond milk serves as the base of the smoothie, giving it additional creaminess and keeping it dairy-free.

3. Piña-vocado Smoothie
If you like pina coladas and gettin’ caught with avocados in your grocery cart, you’ll love this pina-vocado smoothie. Shredded coconut and coconut water help give this the required coconut flavor, and pineapple chunks deliver the piña part. This is one smoothie that works well on a Friday night after a long week.

4. Revitalizing Green Smoothie
Green smoothies tend to have a revitalizing effect, which you can vouch for if you’ve ever had one. This smoothie takes it to a whole other level with ingredients that are hand-selected to help your body look and feel its best. They’ve kept it gluten-free, and it’s even vegan.

avocado banana pear smoothie

Photo: Incredibly Edible

5. Avocado Banana Pear and Chia Seed Smoothie
Here’s the smoothie to make when you don’t know exactly what you want, but you know you want something that will please the palate. Pear and banana sweeten the deal and give the smoothie extra fiber to what the avocado already provides, not to mention fiber from the chia seeds.

6. Chocolate Avocado Smoothie
There’s something about chocolate and avocado that just plain works. That’s why you’ll see many avocado smoothies that have chocolate in them. The avocado makes a thick and creamy smoothie, which just begs for chocolate overtones. Cocoa powder and chocolate protein powder makes sure that this is chocolatey.

7. Avocado Green Tea Power Shake
Need to recharge in the middle of your day? It’s easy to do with this avocado smoothie that is infused with green tea for that extra kick you need. Greek yogurt and whey protein powder make this a smoothie that will keep you satisfied and feeling good for several hours after you drink it.

8. Avocado Smoothie
An avocado, banana, mango, and spinach come together to form a smoothie that lets you taste the avocado, but also brings an assortment of sweet fruits and vegetables. With the vitamins from the mango and spinach, and the minerals from the banana and spinach, this is a winner.

9. Lean and Green Superfood Smoothie
Put enough superfoods into a blender and you’re sure to create something special. That’s just what they’ve done here with this green smoothie that boasts that it’s lean. It’s made with a wholesome protein powder, and also contains ground flax seed for fiber and omega-3s.

10. Avocado Hemp Smoothie
The hemp seeds in this avocado and hemp smoothie give it additional protein and provide you with sustained energy. The avocado supplies healthy fat, potassium, and fiber as well as helps to make the smoothie smooth and creamy. Be sure to use a ripe avocado for best results.

11. Skinny Avocado Smoothie
This avocado smoothie won’t get in your way if you’re trying to lose weight, and in fact it will help you shed the pounds more easily. It’s the smoothie to make if you want to really taste the avocado, because aside from some milk and honey that’s all there is in this creation.

12. Great Start Smoothie
This smoothie really is a great start, and the rest of your day is sure to line up just right when you get it going with avocado, and your favorite berry. That’s right, you get to pick which berry you like best and add it into the recipe along with avocado, almond milk, and yogurt.


13. Peruvian Avocado Lemonade Smoothie
Avocados come from many parts of the world, and here she’s using Peruvian avocados. Agave syrup and lemon juice provide it with the sweet and sour taste of lemonade, and this is one summertime smoothie that you’ll want to keep by your side for long and hot summer days.

14. Avocado Blueberry Smoothie
Blueberries and avocado each bring so much nutrition to this smoothie that it’s hard to say which one is doing more for your body. Hemp protein powder is an optional but recommended ingredient, as it will help you feel fuller longer thanks to the plant protein it contains.

new years smoothies

Photo: Ambrosia Baking

15. Mango Green Smoothie
The mango in this green smoothie is going to give it all of the fruity sweetness it needs, with avocado working to add its smooth texture. An entire avocado goes into this, so you won’t have worry if you’ll taste it or not. Orange juice lends its sweetness plus Vitamin C for your immune system.

16. Avocado Coffee Smoothie
Avocado and coffee, together at last! Even though this is the odd couple of pairings, it works well. You get to add your choice of milk, so you can use regular cow’s milk or you can go with coconut milk or almond milk to avoid the dairy.

17. Sugarless Avocado Smoothie
Leave out the sugar and still get a great tasting and good-for-you beverage with this sugarless avocado smoothie offering. There’s plenty to savor here, so you probably won’t miss the sugar, especially since they’ve added honey so it will be sweet with no refined sugar involved.

18. Avocado Smoothie
Avocados don’t need a lot of help in terms of nutrition, but they’re getting a lot of assistance in this smoothie. Kale, banana, and cinnamon lend their health benefits and when teamed up with the healthy fat, potassium, and fiber in avocados this is one smoothie that helps your well-being.

19. Simple Green Smoothie
Let’s keep it simple and make a green smoothie that is likely going to make your Top 5. Mandarin juice is the special ingredient that will put this one over the top, and fresh grated ginger is just enough to keep your taste buds interested. This smoothie is a Vitamin C storehouse.

20. Blueberry Avocado and Spinach Superfood Smoothie
They aren’t kidding when they call blueberries, avocados, and spinach superfoods. Much has been written, researched, and proven with these foods and they all show promising results in preventing and even reversing some of the deadliest diseases there are. Add them together in this smoothie and you’ll be helping yourself tremendously.

21. Perfect Pick-Me-Up Green Smoothie
Looking for the perfect pick-me-up? Look no further than this green smoothie. Whether you’re already having a stressful day, or see one looming on the horizon, fuel your body with the goodness of avocado, grapes, cucumber, and spinach and you can take on anything.

22. Avocado Coconut Smoothie
One great feature of an avocado is that its flavor doesn’t overpower a smoothie, so when you add in coconut you’ll be able to taste it. There’s two versions of this one, one that uses ice cream and one that skips it so you keep it vegan and dairy-free.

23. Papaya Avocado Smoothie
Papaya needs to make it into your cart more often because it’s really good for you, but is not one of the mainstream fruits like bananas and strawberries. You may have to make a special trip to a produce stand or farmer’s market, but it’s worth it to get the nutrients and the amazing taste of papaya.

24. The Goodness Green Smoothie
Bring out your goddess nature with this green smoothie containing apples, pears, celery, and of course avocado. There’s also a generous portion of spinach, which will really boost the amount of nutrients in this smoothie, so much so that you’ll feel energized and raring to go after you have it.

peach pie avocado smoothie

Photo: Connoisseur Veg

25. Avocado Peach Pie Smoothie
Just because there’s avocado in this smoothie doesn’t stop it from tasting like peach pie. Using fresh, ripe peaches is a must on this one, as frozen peaches will not bring home the right flavor. A teaspoon of cinnamon helps to get the taste just right, and the avocado makes it extra smooth.

26. Chai Berry Avo Smoothie
The undeniable taste of chai comes through in this avocado smoothie, and we love that they’ve added in berries for extra antioxidants. She even provides the recipe for her own chai blend of spices, so you can make this from scratch if you want and have it taste better than pre-mixed chai.

27. Tropical Kale Avocado Smoothie
In this version of a tropical smoothie made with kale and avocado they’re going with bananas, pineapple, and mango to give it all the islander flavor it needs. There’s also coconut water and coconut flakes to top it off, and the avocado gives it an even smoother texture and plenty of nutrition.

28. Lime Coconut Breakfast Smoothie
Wake up to this lime coconut breakfast smoothie and you’re bound to have a good morning. That’s because your taste buds will thank you, and the lime zing helps you open your eyes and be thankful for another wonderful morning and day. Oats make it seem like a breakfast smoothie.

29. Green Velvet Smoothie
The velvety consistency of this smoothie is how it got its name, and the green color comes from a combination of the avocado and baby spinach. There’s more art than science when it comes to crafting a green smoothie that you’ll be eager to drink, and they’ve mastered that art here.

30. “You Make My Heart Beet” Smoothie
Beets are good for your heart, but not always the easiest thing to eat if you don’t like their taste. But you don’t want that to stop you from getting the amazing antioxidants they contain, so try making this smoothie and see how delicious beets can be.

31. Chocolate Avocado Protein Smoothie
Protein never tasted so good! This smoothie is loaded with chocolate flavor thanks to the use of unsweetened cocoa powder, so it’s all chocolate without the refined sugar. To help make it sweet they’ve gone with maple syrup, a natural source of sweetness that makes this smoothie
taste great.

32. Avocado Smoothies
Having a go-to avocado smoothie recipe handy will help you use up your avocados before they go bad. This recipe mixes in coconut water instead of milk which will help your body recover from a sweat-inducing workout, or if you’ve been dehydrated lately and need to rehydrate.

33. Tropical Kale-Avocado Smoothie
Tropical flavors always make a smoothie taste better, and here the emphasis is on the kale and avocado it contains. There’s also pineapple and mango, and for the liquid they’ve gone with coconut water, which provides enzymes and electrolytes the other ingredients don’t have to sustain you even more.

34. Avocado and Hazelnut Milk Coffee Smoothie
Stop what you’re doing and go get some hazelnut milk if you haven’t had any before. It makes this avocado and coffee smoothie so much better, and has plenty of other uses too so you’ll use it up. This smoothie works best if you need a burst of focus.

 avocado strawberry recipe

Photo: So Good Blog

35. Avocado Strawberry Smoothie
Strawberries have a way of making smoothies taste amazing. When you have the creamy and mild flavor of an avocado helping out good things are sure to follow. A banana is also used, so you’re getting the classic flavoring of strawberry banana that’s time-tested and peer approved.

36. Avocado Green Apple Smoothie
This is one smoothie that will help your body look great, and help you feel amazing from the inside out. With apple, spinach, and hemp seeds you’re getting a ton of nutrition, and then the avocado is added in to really make it shine. Topped with goji berries this smoothie gives an antioxidant boost.

37. Vegan Green Berry Smoothie
This smoothie doesn’t look very green, but it delivers all of the nutrition of a green smoothie. It doesn’t look green because of all the berries it contains. But it has plenty of spinach, and an avocado as well to contribute vitamins, minerals, fiber, and healthy fat to an already healthy smoothie.

38. Chocolate Peppermint Green Smoothie
The cooling and chocolatey flavor of this smoothie will make it hard to believe it’s a green smoothie. It has a brown color, like chocolate, and your taste buds will think it’s just a refreshing and chocolatey beverage. Peppermint extract and cocoa powder is all that’s needed to pull it off.

39. Cacao, Avocado & Banana Smoothie
One way to make chocolate taste even better is to add a banana into the mix. Chocolate and banana is a flavor winner, and when you use raw cacao powder you’re getting antioxidants without the sugar found in milk chocolate or chocolate syrups. Cinnamon gives this a delicious zest you’ll notice.

40. Banana Green Smoothie
This recipe boasts just 5 ingredients, but tastes like you spent all day compiling the necessary items. Banana, spinach, avocado, apple, and Greek yogurt complete the deal and give this smoothie a unique flavor profile. Of course you can always tinker with it and make something new.

41. Raspberry Avocado Smoothie
Raspberries are a great source of antioxidants, and they give this smoothie all the nutrients needed. But they didn’t stop there, and there’s avocado in it as well, which helps to round out the nutrition profile and helps you meet many of your daily vitamin and mineral needs.

42. Healthy Chocolate Mousse Smoothie
Avocado helps give this smoothie the consistency of a thick mousse, without the guilt that comes with eating a traditional chocolate mousse. Unsweetened cocoa powder gives it all the chocolate flavor it needs, and there’s even instant coffee granules in it for additional flavor.

43. Chocolate Banana Avocado Smoothie
Here’s a vegan option if you’re looking for a chocolate and avocado smoothie. It’s rich and creamy, and they’ve managed to pull it off without using any dairy products. Almond milk gets the credit, and along with the avocado that’s all that’s needed to give this a smoothie consistency.

44. Spring’s Here Smoothie
Celebrate the spring season with this smoothie, which features a list of ingredients that are seasonal and delicious. Spinach and parsley are two vegetables that taste amazing in the spring, and freshly grated ginger is enough to keep you interested and helps cleanse the body from a long winter.

rise n shine

Photo: No Thyme to Waste

45. Avocado Rise n’ Shine Smoothie
Jump out of bed with anticipation when you have this Rise n’ Shine smoothie to look forward to. Perhaps it’s the orange juice that gives it that breakfast feeling, or that you’re getting multiple servings of fruit along with the health benefits that avocados provide in one glass.

46. Avocado Smoothie with Lemon and Mint
Keep fresh mint on hand and you’ll be able to add in antioxidants to your cooking and smoothie-making whenever you want. It gives this smoothie the cool flavor of mint, and helps to balance out the acidity of the lemons. A fun smoothie to make and a delicious one to enjoy.

47. Green Smoothie with Avocado
The best part about this smoothie is that it includes fiber and protein not only from the avocado, but from supplements that have been added in. These two will keep you feeling full, and so will the avocado thanks to the healthy fats it contains. Perfect when you’re hungry now but mealtime is hours away.

48. Avocado Breakfast Smoothie with Toasted Quinoa
Toasted quinoa makes a nice topper to this avocado breakfast smoothie, and it’s a treat that you can use as a meal replacement whenever you want a liquid breakfast. The martini glass is optional, but you’ll want to be sure to add in the dates to give this just the right flavor.

49. Avocado and Kale Green Smoothie
Kale has enjoyed a meteoric rise to health food stardom thanks to its high levels of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and protein. Kefir helps to provide probiotics that will make this smoothie easier to digest and assimilate, so the body can soak up and put to use the vitamins and minerals it contains.

50. Spicy Mango Avocado Strawberry Smoothie
Smoothies generally go the sweet route, but in this smoothie there’s a spice that helps add contrast to the sweetness of mango and strawberries. Cayenne pepper provides the heat, and you can use as much or as little as you want to get just the right spice to your preferences.

51. Avocado Green Smoothie
Even though this is a green smoothie the number one thing you’ll taste is pineapple, because there’s pineapple chunks and pineapple juice used. The avocado is in there, but with its mild flavor you might not notice. Flax seeds provide additional fiber and plant-based omega-3s.

52. Peanut Butter Raspberry Smoothie
Peanut butter has the characteristic of making just about anything taste better, and this raspberry smoothie is no exception. They use a few extra raspberries on top to make it look pretty, which is a good reminder that visual appeal is important and affects the taste subconsciously.

53. Avocado Lime and Coconut Smoothie
You put the lime in the coconut smoothie and add in an avocado for good measure. Fresh lime juice mixed with coconut oil and coconut milk provide the main flavors, and the avocado gives this a beautiful color as well as more potassium than a banana.

54. Avocado Mango Smoothie
Since avocados don’t have a strong flavor, you’ll want to pair it with fruits and vegetables that have flavor to spare. In this case they’ve gone with mango, which will give it a sweet flavor and also add to the smooth consistency you’d expect in a smoothie.

chocolate avocado smoothie

Photo: The Realistic Nutritionist

55. Avocado Chocolate Smoothie
Here’s another example of how avocados and chocolate are kindred spirits and just belong together. The use of vanilla Greek yogurt makes it so you’re getting calcium and protein which dovetails nicely with the potassium and fiber that the avocado provides, with the vanilla flavor adding to the chocolate.

56. Apple Avocado Basil Smoothie
Basil is often thought of as an herb or seasoning to add to a meal to give it extra flavor. But fresh basil is loaded with antioxidants and helps make this a very healthy and healing smoothie. They’re using coconut water to give it extra hydration qualities that regular water and milk do not have.

57. Avocado Pineapple Smoothie
If pineapple is one of your favorite fruits you’ll love how well it goes with avocado in this smoothie. You can even use pineapple juice instead of almond milk to really amp up the pineapple flavor. This smoothie has many customizable options so you can tailor it to your tastes.

58. Green Power Smoothie with Avocado
They brought things down to the simplest parts in this avocado smoothie. It consists of two main ingredients, banana and avocado, with some coconut milk as the liquid. But the best part is the granola they put on top of the smoothie, which is a nice juxtaposition to the soft and creamy smoothie.

59. Raspberry Avocado Kale Smoothie
With the trio of raspberries, avocado, and kale you’re getting three superfoods that will not only support the major systems of the body, but will make you happy as you drink it. That’s important, since all of the nutrients in healthy food only do your body good if they’re tasty enough to eat or drink them.

60. Pear Monster Green Smoothie
Pears go great in smoothies because of their sweet taste and the fiber they provide, along with vitamins and minerals. They’ve also included some maca powder, which has been known to help boost the libido of both men and women, as well as being a good source of vitamins.

61. Avocado Banana Smoothie
Avocado and bananas have a similar ability to make a smoothie extra smooth, and they’re both incredible sources of potassium. Spinach lends a helping hand in this recipe, lending many vitamins and minerals that avocados and bananas do not have. A great combination for your health and well-being.

62. Avocado Banana Kiwi Kale Smoothie
Kiwifruit is a fun add-in to any smoothie because it adds a sweet fruity flavor as well as lots of Vitamin C. This will help bolster your immune system, and is a great supplement to the Vitamin B-6 and potassium that avocados have. Kale also backs it up with many more vitamins and minerals.

63. Big Glass Full of Green Goodness
Want to try a green smoothie that will leave you feeling good for doing something healthy for your body? This is a great choice because it uses beet greens, the long stalks of greens on fresh beets that are packed with nutrients and would otherwise end up in the trash.

64. Chocolate Avocado Smoothie
Here’s another rendition of a chocolate avocado smoothie that uses the silky texture of blended avocado and the rich flavor of cocoa powder. There’s also honey and dates in this smoothie, which will provide an additional level of flavor that other chocolate avocado smoothie don’t have.

green smoothie

Photo: The Almond Eater

65. Cashew Butter Green Smoothie
Cashew butter belongs in your smoothie making arsenal of ingredients. Keep it handy and scoop some in anytime you want a buttery and nutty flavor that adds healthy fat, protein, and fiber to your smoothie. She’s given this smoothie a two-tone look, with a cashew layer and a green layer.

66. Avocado Smoothie
Here’s an avocado smoothie that contains ingredients that other recipes don’t have. You’ll find pistachios and figs used in this smoothie, so it will have a nutty and unique flavor that will lure you back again and again. Avocado and Greek yogurt make this an extra thick smoothie.

67. Tropical Green Smoothie
We just had to include this version of a tropical green smoothie because they didn’t leave anything out and have included all of the essential ingredients to capture the taste of the tropics. Pineapple, mango, and banana are tropical staples, and they even add in shredded coconut to complete the deal.

68. Spinach Avocado Smoothie
Even though spinach gets top billing, it’s the cinnamon and vanilla that make this smoothie special. Cinnamon has been shown to help with weight loss, and with all of the fiber, protein, and nutrients in spinach this smoothie will help you get to or maintain a healthy weight.

69. Apple Pear Avocado Spinach Detox Smoothie
Spinach is often used in detox smoothies because it provides many vitamins, minerals, and fiber, that your body needs replenished daily. Unfortunately the standard American diet doesn’t provide these, which is what causes the body to feel fun down. Recharge with this smoothie as needed.

70. Green Fiber Bomb Smoothie
Get a good portion of your daily fiber requirement met with this green “fiber bomb” smoothie. With the fiber from spinach, oranges, apples, kiwi, and cucumber you’ll feel satisfied long after you’ve finished this tasty beverage. A handful of mint accentuates the flavor of the fruit and adds in even more antioxidants.

71. Basic Green Smoothie
It doesn’t get much more basic than this green smoothie, with avocado, spinach, and kiwi giving it its green color, and bananas and a pear making it sweet, smooth, and satisfying. It’s easy enough to keep these ingredients on hand so you can always whip this up in a pinch.

super green smoothie recipe

Photo: A Cookie Named Desire

72. Avocado Super Green Smoothie
What makes this Super Green smoothie so super? Maybe it’s the simplicity of it, since it only uses four ingredients in total. There’s avocado, green grapes, and a combination of spinach and kale. That’s it, that’s all that’s needed to make a fast and delicious green smoothie with avocado.

73. Blueberry Hazelnut Smoothie with Avocado
So many products out there are hazelnut flavored, but all too often it is artificial flavors that get the credit. Here you’re using real hazelnuts to capture their natural, amazing flavor. They blend together nicely with the blueberries and avocado and add in benefits like boosting healthy cholesterol in the body.

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